15 minutes with Chef de Cuisine Peter Teo

Even from amongst our famously diverse and wide selection of amazing food here in Singapore, a few names do constantly appear when we’re out on the hunt for our next foodie destination – the Les Amis Group, for example, is one of them.

Honing his culinary chops and growing with the Group over the years, we speak to Chef de Cuisine Peter Teo, who now helms the kitchen at élan, Les Amis Group’s newest Modern French concept.


, 15 minutes with Chef de Cuisine Peter Teo


Having spent a long time honing your skills with the Les Amis Group, could you share with our readers how the group has grown in terms of culinary offerings over the years?

Les Amis Group has gone from a single establishment to 26 concepts today, bringing an array of dining concepts to the table. The group prides itself as one of Singapore’s most diverse and influential groups with award-winning concepts ranging from French fine dining, to various Japanese and mid-market concepts such as Italian pizzas, Vietnamese noodles, and authentic French bistro dining. There’s something for everyone.

With the newest addition of élan, our diners will get to savour generous portions of modern French offerings sprinkled with Asian elements.


, 15 minutes with Chef de Cuisine Peter Teo


What’s your favourite element in French cuisine?

I love the refined simplicity of French cuisine. With many dishes, classic sauces act as a base and are able to bring out each dish’s character. It allows creativity to take place, transforming common dishes into robust and sophisticated items by simply adding your own touch to each sauce.


For our readers aspiring to prepare a French home-cooked meal, could you share a tip or two on some dishes we could easily whip up at home?

I love cooking Pot Au Feu at home. It’s a really simple yet very flavourful dish comprising of just meat, vegetables, and a good stock that all comes together in a pot. The pot has to be watched constantly to ensure that impurities are skimmed off and the heat is perfectly controlled. This dish is perfect for a meal with the family or when you’re hosting a party for friends.


, 15 minutes with Chef de Cuisine Peter Teo


In your opinion, how do the Asian elements at élan make the restaurant’s offerings stand out?

It’s all about drawing diners in through providing balance. We subtly and seamlessly weave Asian ingredients into French cuisine to engage different combinations and permutations of the five taste modalities.

For instance, our Carabinero Prawns will never be described as either just salty, umami, or sour. élan’s diners get to enjoy all of those flavours in a single dish. With the use of a sea urchin sauce, we enhance the flavour of the prawns with a punch of umami. We then balance the taste of the ocean with the tangy and refreshing yuzu.


Boasting a wide selection of premium cheeses at élan, which types of cheese would you recommend beginners to explore?

I would introduce Comte and Camembert to these guests. Both present a fragrant aroma that is not too pungent on the palate. Another cheese I would recommend to locals is Epoisse. I feel that it has an interesting flavour profile when consumed, and many Asians tend to associate it with the familiar salted fish.


, 15 minutes with Chef de Cuisine Peter Teo


What’s a unique dish diners can have at élan that they’ll not be able to find anywhere else?

A unique dish at élan is the Foie Gras Bonbon, a sweet-savoury harmony of rich, buttery foie gras coated in dark chocolate, served with hazelnuts, and balanced with refreshing kumquat and marigold on a toasted brioche.


Could you share with us some exciting plans coming up on the restaurant’s menu we can look forward to?

In January, we’ll be making some tweaks to our menus alongside the addition of creative new dishes from the culinary team – stay tuned!


To find out more about élan, head over to their website here now.