15 minutes with General Manager Leo Leong

Ever imagined having to manage all aspects of a global conglomerate across multiple countries? General Manager Leo Leong heads KOHLER’s Kitchen & Bath division across North and Southeast Asia, including managing teams in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Japan, Guam and Saipan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam.

We caught up with him for some of his valuable insights.


, 15 minutes with General Manager Leo Leong


Having such an extensive portfolio to manage across North and Southeast Asia, what does your day to day usually comprise of?

An extensive business portfolio actually energises me on a daily basis. I am constantly inspired by the happenings in my responsible areas, and continue to be impressed by the variety of development projects in each country.


What’s the key to ensuring you’re able to stay on top of things happening across different cultures and, sometimes, time zones?

I am lucky enough to only manage across 3 time zones, so it is still possible to keep team relationships intimate. The pandemic has taught us how to apply technologies, and modern advancements have allowed us to work around constraints presented by the new normal. Video conferences are a big part of daily life now, and it is great to be able to get the message across and keep the business momentum.

What technology is not able to replace, however, is the learning and appreciation of the different cultures that we encounter.


From your experience, could you share some tips with our readers on how to achieve visible growth in business?

Growth comes in a myriad of forms, the ultimate being increases in sales and, of course, profitability. I think it is a combination of solutions, people, and economics. In more challenging times, it is even more important to stay true to your focus. For us, this means investing to develop the right products and solutions that bring joy, utility, and a sense of gracious living to the consumers. It also means building and nurturing world-class teams who are adept in helping consumers find the right solutions to their needs.


, 15 minutes with General Manager Leo Leong


KOHLER’s Kitchen and Bath quality has been recognised over the years, could you share some insights and help us break down some common types of materials and design styles we can look out for in the market?

As a full line manufacturer of kitchen and bath products, Kohler Co. develops a wide range of product assortment to suit the different needs and style of each consumer. From Contemporary to American Classic designs, Enameled Cast Iron to Vitreous China materials, Matte Black to Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) finishes, the consumer has a wide variety to choose from for their dream home.


With your deep experience, could you advise us on what to spot when shopping for our new kitchen and bathroom?

Having kitchen and bath products with high durability is one of the important factors to look out for as it provides a hassle-free environment to live in. For instance, KOHLER’s faucet finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing, exceeding the industry’s durability standards by over two times. Leak-free valves and full-glazed toilets are some of the other unique propositions which we have to offer, so as to provide products with a longer lifespan.


, 15 minutes with General Manager Leo Leong


Any common misconceptions in designing a new kitchen and bathroom that we should avoid?

There are numerous ways to approach designing your kitchen or bathroom. Instead of fretting about what will work and what won’t, consumers could consider starting with a finish that they would love, pair that finish with the perfect faucet, and then base everything in the room off of that combination for a truly personalised look.


What’re the upcoming Kitchen & Bathroom trends that we can hop on?

Since the pandemic, hygiene is one of the biggest factors that comes to the minds of home owners when designing their homes and we believe it will last for a substantial period of time.


Any exciting news to share about new Kitchen & Bathroom innovations and/or technology being developed that our readers can look forward to?
We’ve recently introduced the Moxie handshower and wireless speaker, which combines a luxurious spray with a high-quality speaker, powered by Harman Kardon – one of the most iconic names in speaker design. The Moxie speaker is also specially tuned to suit the acoustics of the shower space for crystal clear sounds.


Find out more about KOHLER’s newest products and their innovative designs on their website here.