Sleeping Beauty's in for a rude awakening

While you’re getting hyped about the mysterious arrival of the Secret Theatre Project in May, why not give Singapore’s very own immersive theater experience a whirl? After the success of their latest show, local nomadic theater group And So Forth has a new pop-up feast planned—and this one’s about the alternative fairy tale.

And So Forth's The Imaginarium of Disco David

Adventures in Grimmsneyland sure brings to mind the 2015 viral news that was Dismaland—a temporary art project by the one and only Banksy. And So Forth’s rendition is far less political (and depressing), but an entertaining experience all the same. The 110-minute show will focus on the darker side of fairy tales—as evidenced by the reference to the Brothers Grimm, whose folk tales were anything but pleasant—and take audience members through various worlds. As a guest, you’ll play the role of a villager, farmer or bystander; and can choose to interact with the actors, or simply observe. For food, look forward to four dishes inspired by the fairy tale worlds, plus a "magical" alcoholic beverage to start you on your journey.

As usual, the location of the dinner is secret until the day of the show. Guests will receive an SMS on the exact location 24 hours before, so just be sure you’re not stuck somewhere in Tuas then.

Adventures in Grimmsneyland premieres on Feb 14 and will run on Thurs, Fri and Sat till Apr 21. Tickets start at $88 and you can book them here