The world’s most secretive theater experience is finally coming to Singapore

Bored of your usual plays, musicals and spoken word? Well you shouldn’t be; but if you’re lusting after something beyond the local arts scene, ready yourself for a completely novel experience. After sold-out success in London, Los Angeles, New York and Hong Kong, UK-based theater company Secret Theatre Project is finally coming to Singapore this May, and bringing to locals their unique style of interactive theater.

For the uninitiated, Secret Theatre Project is an immersive theater concept that combines the mystique of Cluedo with the exclusiveness of Diner en Blanc. No information about the show is revealed to the ticket-buyer until purchase, wherein the guest will simply receive a password, dress code and location to show up to. That location is just the meeting point, but what follows (and where you end up) is completely unknown till the day itself. Until then, all you can do is pay for your ticket, wait, and hope it’s worth it.

Most of the time, it is. The experience essentially takes audience members on a high-budget theatrical production that can include anything from deciding a central character’s fate to journeying through a full-blown haunted house adventure. A previous show in Hong Kong titled “SE7EN Deadly Sins”—likely inspired by the 1995 crime thriller of the same name—had audience members begin on a speedboat in Central, and solve a murder in a haunted mansion on Lamma Island.

The brains behind the business belong to Richard Crawford, founder and artistic director of Secret Theatre. For the Singapore show, which opens May 3 and will run till Jun 10, multiple spaces in central Singapore will be utilized, with the production set to be a “sexy, dangerous thrill ride”. Each show lasts approximately two hours, and tickets are already available for purchase here.

Obviously there’s no further information as of now, but don’t expect there to be either. It’s immersive theater at its finest, and we can’t wait to see what Crawford has up his sleeve for our Little Red Dot.

Secret Theatre Project will run from May 3-Jun 10 at a secret location. Super Early Bird ticket prices start from $99 and you can find more information here