5 Comedy Clubs to actually LOL at

It’s a big question mark as to whether Singaporeans really know how to take a joke—while we’re sensitive about “taboo” subjects when speaking amongst our elders, it’s also become part of the local culture to just casually make fun of one another (you know what we mean). If you’re having trouble finding humor in your daily life, or just can’t get enough of well-timed snarky insults, here’re the island’s best comedy clubs to check out.

Canvas Club

, 5 Comedy Clubs to actually LOL at
Photo credit: Comedy at Canvas’ Facebook page

A big player in Singapore’s comedy scene, this dance and night club also has a Comedy at Canvas segment every Tuesday from 8:30pm till late. Starring the one and only Kumar, the show guarantees stage time from the Queen every performance; for $25-$28, you’ll be getting a solid dose of fairly sexual and racial jokes (nothing new at comedy clubs anyway). If this local legend doesn’t make you laugh, nobody can. He’s probably also the only one who can speak up on controversial local politics and not get shut down by the authorities, so drop by and watch him throw some serious shade. #B1-01 The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Rd

Comedy Masala Singapore at Hero’s

, 5 Comedy Clubs to actually LOL at
Photo credit: Comedy Masala Singapore’s Facebook page

This spacious and chill bar usually has live music playing almost everyday, but is also home to what is probably Singapore’s biggest comedy show. Held every Tuesday from 8pm, Comedy Masala Singapore brings you quality local and international acts in a great venue at only $18-25. Upcoming comedians include Justin Hayes from UK, Rizal Van Geyzel from Malaysia and Justin Rivera from America’s Got Talent. It’s a worthy way to spend your Tuesday nights with friendly hosts, affordable food and all-around good vibes. 69 Circular Rd

Kilo Lounge 

, 5 Comedy Clubs to actually LOL at
Photo credit: Kilo Lounge’s Facebook page

Kilo Lounge doesn’t really have regular comedy nights, but they do host the occasional program with Comedy Masala Singapore, plus their very own Kilo Laughs’ Story Party, which essentially gives you a space to tell your true (horror) dating stories. Because if there’s one thing complete strangers can bond over, it’s nightmare dates. Stay on to dance and party the night away at this cozy club with their excellent line up of DJs and live music. #01-02/04, 21 Tanjong Pagar Rd

The Comedy Club at Blujaz

, 5 Comedy Clubs to actually LOL at
Photo credit: The Comedy Club’s Facebook page

Besides being known for their live jazz music, Blujaz cafe also holds weekly comedy nights on Wednesdays at the upper levels of their shophouse. In addition to local and international acts, The Comedy Club is also the organizer behind Singapore’s original stand-up comedy open mic night—so if you’re an aspiring comedian or someone who thrives on the the pain of watching awkward wannabes, head here. Contact them for your very own chance to talk cock sing song for a little bit, or pay as little as $10 to sit innocently in the audience. 11 Bali Lane

The Merry Lion Comedy Cafe and Bar 

, 5 Comedy Clubs to actually LOL at
Photo credit: The Merry Lion Comedy Cafe and Bar’s Facebook page

Singapore’s only full-time comedy club is tucked away on the third floor of one of the shophouses near Boat Quay. There are shows on almost every other day of the week, and they don’t just purely invite headliners to perform; the club holds some pretty innovative shows such as Comedy Wars and Comedians Against Humanity, pitting comedians against each other to create jokes around that (pretty messed up) game. According to them, it’s a “horrible show for horrible people”, and we nod in agreement—it’s not for the faint hearted and those who get offended easily for sure. Sit back and relax with a drink that’s included in your ticket at only $20-25. #03-00, 8B Circular Rd