6 Mid-Autumn Festival events to attend for a customary experience this September

Before the tracks come ablaze in the latter part of September, lanterns and mooncakes will arise mid-month to signify the full moon of the eighth month in the lunar calendar. Here are some cultural celebrations to be part of this Harvest Moon Festival.

Chinatown Heritage + Food Trail

Sign-up for the culturally enriching walking trail that takes you through Kreta Ayer Road, Sago Street, Pagoda Street and New Bridge Road for a tour of iconic venues to soak in the Mid-Autumn festivities. The walk also features some of the most historic hawkers in Chinatown, such as fishball noodles with a 73-year-old recipe and stalls that once existed as traditional push-carts. At just $10 a ticket, food sampling will be included. Sep 7-8


Wan Qing Mid-Autumn Festival 2019


, 6 Mid-Autumn Festival events to attend for a customary experience this September

The annual cultural event continues to warm hearts with a selection of mooncake-making/tasting workshops this year at the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall. Held across the weekend prior to Mid-Autumn, the festival also offers heritage trails around the Balestier precinct and guided tours of the museum’s galleries for visitors. And on Sep 7, witness the releasing of sky lantern helium balloons as a symbolic gesture of hope and blessings. Sep 7-8

Mid-Autumn Yeah!

The Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre celebrates Mid Autumn with a bountiful harvest of traditional activities for all to experience from Sep 13-14. Take part in craft workshops, a lantern riddle session and even devise a scheme to carry out “The Mooncake Heist”, an escape room-esque activity. Then on Saturday, lose yourself in the melodies of the symphonic orchestra as they perform renditions of Mandarin and dialect hits, accompanied by veteran Getai singer Xie Jin Shi and his daughter Lindy Xie among various vocal talents. Sep 13-14


Moonfest 2019

Back for its 15th run, Moonfest 2019 is indubitably a cult favourite when it comes to Mid-Autumn festivities. Rediscover the beauty of Chinese performing arts at the Esplanade through shadow puppetry, street opera performances and traditional folk, dialect and xinyao musical acts. A unique performance that blends the wit and humour of a Chinese crosstalk together with acapella music is also one not to be missed. Sep 13-15


Mid-Autumn Festival 2019


, 6 Mid-Autumn Festival events to attend for a customary experience this September

Our island’s iconic horticultural destination Gardens by the Bay has readied some massive, decorative lantern sets for its Mid-Autumn celebrations that depict tales of Chinese heritage. This year, the event is home to the tallest and widest display of lanterns that stretch over 120m, along with a massive revolving lantern you can step into. Find the Airmesh; a belvedere right across Bayfront Plaza that’s designed to resemble a lantern offering a spectacular view, take a stroll through the Colonnade of Lights where a canopy of lanterns hand-painted by creatives hang overhead and definitely stop by Illuminations of Joy for a pic with the tunnel of lanterns designed by seniors. Be sure to set aside some time to catch the cultural performances by young talents from the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre, happening every Wednesday to Thursday. Through Sep 15


Mid-Autumn Festival @ Jurong Lake Gardens

Come nightfall, the serene national park transforms into a mythical world where characters from popular Chinese folklores roam. A myriad of traditional performances are set to grace the stages and spaces of the garden daily. And to refuel, visit the Night Market at the Wave Plaza for light bites. Through Sep 15