Andsoforth is back, but with a one-night only Instagram museum affair

There’re tons on the event calendar this Good Friday long weekend, but if you were looking for a truly unique night out, Andsoforth has just the one in store. The next show from the local immersive theatre company isn’t part of its regular season of theatrical dining; instead, Treasure Islands is a brand new, one-night only, multi-room experience where you are in charge.

Calling it their biggest set ever, the Andsoforth team has constructed a 20,000 sq ft play space comprising multiple rooms that have been designed to the nines. The event takes inspiration from the pop-up Instagram museum trend where every room is a camera-ready new experience—the likes of Color Factory happening right now in New York City, and digital publication Refinery29’s own interactive funhouse 29Rooms. Back home on Apr 20, guests will have free rein to explore the rooms at a secret location. Since it’s not a sit-down dinner, there won’t be food provided, but you can purchase some on-site if you get the munchies.

Still, it isn’t just aimless Instagram-baiting exploration here. Over the stipulated four-hour duration, Treasure Islands will have guests work together with their fellow crew members to solve puzzles, unlock hidden rooms, interact with pirates and islanders, and even uncover buried treasure. Every ticket purchase lets you choose from four colour-coded pirate crews to join; all the crews starts at the same time, but based on your decisions and journey as a group, you might end up with vastly different experiences by the end of the night.

It’s a shame the event is so short-lived—but if you’re keen on checking out the space after the event, it will be turned into a permanent installation of 22 experiential rooms themed to your favourite fairy tales at the end of April. Run by the company’s subsidiary, Andsoforth Junior, the experience titled 22 Stories is targeted at children—though that shouldn’t stop you. Just grab your least detestable niece and come along for the ride.

Treasure Islands happens Apr 20 at a secret location (revealed via SMS the day before). Tickets are $68 here, and stay updated on 22 Stories here