Find local indie music and vintage vinyls at Scape Music Day Out!

The local indie music scene deserves more recognition, and Scape is once again paving the way in guiding young musicians and music-enthusiasts toward growth through the sharing of musical knowledge, appreciation and artistry at Scape Music Day Out!.

An entire day will be dedicated to the celebration of Singapore’s emerging creative movement, which begins with a musical showcase, held at the Ground Theatre on level 2. The program will allow underground artists to be presented with a platform to showcase their passion before an audience from various walks of life. Get settled in with Amateur Takes Control’s post-rock instrumentals, upbeat alternative five-piece Cadence, Daniel Sid’s buttery-smooth charm, the tranquillity that is the melding of Pleasantry’s dreamy vocals and instruments, and more at the Independent Music Showcase.

For those inspired to take on a fresh look, a pop-up barber shop manned by the folks from The Golden Rule Barber Co. will be handling the scissors at discounted prices. If you’d rather spend your dollars on something a little less drastic, head on over to the Music Market where music lovers can travel through time via vinyl records of the past and present, besides shopping for musical instruments and merchandise. An exhibition will also be set up to feature budding gig photographers, where prints can be purchased based on a pay-as-you-wish model.

Scape Music Day Out! will also cover a range of important topics regarding the independent art scene in Singapore at a discussion, so be sure to get registered for that.

Scape Music Day Out! takes place on Sep 28 at various venues around Scape. More info here.