Learn and talk about mental health at this new festival, happening end-September

People with mental health conditions are often stigmatised on a societal level, and it’s about time we address this problem. 

Taking the first step in the fight for the de-stigmatisation of mental health conditions is the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), with the introduction of their first-ever Beyond the Label; a campaign that advocates acceptance and inclusivity of people with mental health issues. The event aims to educate the public and shed light upon the silenced, by breaking the ice and incorporating important messages into fun experiences.

The workshops make up a great deal of the festival, happening Sep 28 at Timbre+. Find interactive programmes revolving around the subject of wellness and mindfulness, such as essential oil-making as well as pottery and yoga classes.

Look to ground-up mental health committee The Youth Alliance for a plethora of activities to aid the understanding of mental health conditions, including an escape room-style multi-sensory experience that leads players through a first-person perspective.

, Learn and talk about mental health at this new festival, happening end-SeptemberDaniel Sid

Stick around for various therapeutic activities, like the Mental Health Monopoly by Chat, Virtual Reality Self-care Relaxation by Touch Community Services and even receive an “Open When…” letter from a vending machine by Health Promotion Board.

Also partake in a conversation that discusses psychological well-being, facilitated by a peer support specialist who will lend their experiences in supporting others while keeping the session light and positive for optimal engagement.

Besides that, a flea market will be specially curated for the festival. Take home works of craft, natural candles and scents, accessories and apparels, books, and even wholesome, handcrafted food and beverages to snack on. Live musical performances will also fill the atmosphere with wholesome vibes throughout the day—catch Vivien Yap, Daniel Sid, Inch Chua, Royal Estate and The Common People for some good tunes.

Beyond the Label happens Sep 28 from 12pm-10pm at Timbre+. More info here.