8 Google Digital Garage courses to keep you competitive in 2023

The job market in Singapore is rapidly changing in 2023, with digital skills becoming increasingly important in various industries. Staying relevant and equipped with a full range of new skills is the key to keeping up with advancing technology. So instead of browsing through countless websites for pricey courses that may not be suitable for you, upskill and grow your career with Google Digital Garage’s trusty programmes that won’t even cost you a dime.

With emerging technologies like ChatGPT revolutionising the way we can work, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and keep your understanding of these tools and techniques up-to-date, so you can stay competitive. From courses such as Elements of AI to Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, these free curriculums will support your career growth and help you thrive.

Pick up online digital skills and become familiar with AI tools

Elements of AI

Intrigued by the study of artificial intelligence? Then check out this six-module course, a programme of the University of Helsinki, which seeks to provide you with an understanding of AI—from its true definition to its various technological implications. With no programming or math involved, simply get exposed to this nascent and widening branch of computer science.

Free training with Google Digital Garage courses
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Business Writing

Although business writing is a fundamental skill in most professions, it is also frequently overlooked. To relearn and discover the proper writing techniques that’ll increase your ability to present ideas and communicate effectively, attempt this Business Writing course powered by Coursera and the University of Colorado Boulder. Become a pro at executing content and offering compelling material too, as the programme also tutors you on how to apply the top ten principles of professional writing to your work. Consider moving onto Graphic Design and Successful Presentation after.

Content, Advertising & Social IMC

Content marketing has really become a business buzzword in recent years. For an eight-hour course offering four modules on social marketing specialisation, turn to Content, Advertising and Social IMC. This Northwestern University curriculum will teach you how expert marketers are navigating today’s media landscape. You’ll also learn thought-provoking approaches to driving content in an oversaturated digital realm—a skill you’ll want be equipped with in time to come.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

A beginner-friendly course accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University, receive a recognised certification upon completion of Google Digital Garage’s top curriculum, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Complete with 26 modules created by Google trainers and jam-packed with practical exercises and real-world examples for adept learning, get to take it all in at your own pace thanks to anytime access to video tutorials and more.

Google Cloud Computing Foundations

If the technical term “cloud computing” is unfamiliar or even eludes you, then it’s time to learn what it truly means with Google Cloud Computing Foundations. In this course powered by none other than Google Cloud itself, individuals with little to no knowledge of cloud computing will be provided an overview of concepts covering cloud basics, big data and machine learning, plus how Google Cloud fits into all these.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Offered by the California Institute of the Arts, learn about graphic design and how it surrounds us whether we’re in the real world or digital realm. Acquire more knowledge about the fundamental principles of design including typography, composition, colour coordination and even try your hands at practical projects. As for the optional briefs, you may want to consider completing them using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business

Designed to give anyone and everyone a practical perspective on computer security, Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business allows all to truly understand how systems and networks can be secure. At the same time, it also answers the question of what one should focus on when maintaining security at the workplace. With a total of five modules, clock thirteen hours in order to fully complete this useful course by the University of Colorado System.

Develop basic coding skills through free online courses

Python Basics

To really widen your digital skill set and stay ahead of the game, try picking up the basics of high-level programming language Python, specifically, Python 3. Equipping you with the foundation of the subject, also be taught about conditional execution and iteration as control structures, strings and lists as data structures and much more. You’ll even learn how to draw reference diagrams as a way to reason program executions, which will help build up your debugging skills. Newbies, do remember to conduct frequent reading sessions on your own time using the free and accompanying text for the course.

In the modern era, you can pick up plenty of skills from the digital world that are useful in the Singaporean workforce. Be sure to make good use of Google digital garage and its free services, to give your career the boost it needs!

All work and no play is no fun, though, so be sure to relax a little and keep up to date with fun and fresh things you can do in Singapore.