The Peranakan Festival returns this June with their first ever gala dinner

For the third year running, The Peranakan Festival is slated to take place at Orchard’s Claymore Connect, kicking off with the festival’s first gala dinner bearing the theme “Kamcheng Peranakan”, or Friendship of the Peranakans.

Showcasing their culinary dexterity for the gala dinner are a myriad of celebrity chefs, including author, host and chef Aziza Ali, Devagi Sanmugam of The Spice Queen, Damian d’Silva of Folklore, Liza Kassim of Asian Food Channel and Chefs Chan Tuck Wai and Daniel Tan from Marina Mandarin Singapore. Whipping up a cultural storm in the kitchen, the skilled chefs will be preparing an elaborate 13-course celebratory dinner for dinner guests. Tickets to the dinner are priced at $148, $168 and $388.

, The Peranakan Festival returns this June with their first ever gala dinner

The two month-long event promises immersion, right from the ornate facade of the traditional enclave and batik-and-kebaya clad reception, to the authentic tastes of the fare. Join the ethically-vibrant discussion of the heritage’s traditional material culture that ranges from jewelry and textiles to the intricate artistry that adorns Peranakan porcelain at Culture Talks. Another noteworthy happening is at the Baba Nonya Literary Festival; the latest addition to the festival that runs from Jun 20-21, featuring an insightful panel of authors and moderated discussions surrounding publications selected for the event. The Baba Nonya Literary Festival is ticketed at $30 for a day, or $50 for a two-day pass.

, The Peranakan Festival returns this June with their first ever gala dinner

This year’s festival will also mark the debut of the Peranakan Festival—a curated collection of cuisine-centric events that highlights essential elements of the famed Peranakan cooking. It’s no secret that the culinary heritage is the pride and joy of Peranakans, which makes it unsurprising that the festival underscores its Halal-certified collaboration buffet over at Marina Mandarin Singapore’s AquaMarine, as well as The Peranakan Restaurant that dishes out Eurasian cuisine.

Celebrate the Peranakan scene at Claymore Connect from Jun 7-Jul 31 and enjoy a kaleidoscope of cultural colours and flavours; brought to you by the loving hands of the Babas and Nonyas.

The Peranakan Festival happens Jun 7-Jul 31 at Claymore Connect. The Kamcheng Peranakan Gala Dinner happens Jun 7 at 6pm, with tickets available here. More information here.