Engage all your senses at this upcoming festival dedicated to play and wellness

It’s time of the year again to start getting into the festive mood and there’s a carnival-like event coming up that’s sure to get you geared up. Happening for the first time, Sensorium, a festival dedicated to sensory play and wellness, will be taking place from Nov 17-18 at the Funan Showsuite.

There’ll be exhibitions, workshops, installations, tastings and more, all created to invoke one or more of your senses. You’re meant to take your time and explore the festival’s many offerings, and the very first thing you’ll experience upon entry is to partake in an ancient yoga breathing technique, the Bumble Bee Breath, to calm you down and to put you in the right frame of mind.

Then feel free to move on to any of the many attractions and booths scattered around the show space, though there are a few standout ones you should definitely check out.

Be sure to venture into The Tickle Room, an interactive exhibit involving feathers (and Insta-prints) that engages your sense of touch; get spirited and mingle at the outdoor Sensorium Bar as a live DJ spins; sign up for coffee and chocolate appreciation workshops; create your own scent at a perfume mixology lab; craft Christmas candles; and definitely go on an acoustic journey with experimental Indonesian electro pop duo Bottlesmoker, who is performing only on Sunday. If your senses aren’t tingling yet, it will.

Sensorium takes place Nov 17-18, 9am-9pm, at the Funan Showsuite. Entry is free. Pre-register to get a door gift. More info here.