Spend a whole day trying new boardgames at Gamers Jam for just $5

Gaming doesn’t always require a six-hour solitude session behind a screen—there’s always the option of pulling out a relationship-jeopardising boardgame. Take game night to a new high at Gamers Jam, where for only $5, you get to spend an entire day boardgaming.

It’s organised by local game retailer ToyTag, and the monthly event is held a floor above their office, at Port Education’s space at Apex @ Henderson. Guests can browse through their extensive library for classic, old school gems such as Blokus and Halli Galli, co-op favourite Pandemic, and even nail-biting card games like Exploding Kittens, Side Quest and Sushi Go.

Not keen on physical games? A Playstation 4 set is also present to accommodate to all your virtual gaming needs, with video games like Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, FIFA, BroForce, Metal Slug and more available. 

You can also choose to BYOB (bring your own boardgame), just in case there’s something you have that they don’t. Drinks and snacks will also be provided free for participants so you can just focus on the game at hand. The gaming meetup happens monthly, with the next session taking place Jul 21.

Gamers Jam happens Jul 21 from 2.30pm-9pm at #07-25 Apex @ Henderson. Entrance is $5, more info here.