What to check out when Goodman Arts Centre’s one-day-only festival goes green for the first time

It’s not just art and games this year at Goodman Open House. For the first time, the annual arts festival organized by Goodman Arts Centre is going green, with a lineup of events and activities themed after reimagining creative yet environmentally sustainable ways of making art. On May 26, Re:Imagined will bring together the art enclave’s resident artists and arts groups to put up more than 20 workshops and performances.

Being home to many a performing arts group has its advantages; look forward to (free) performances of varying genres at the Centre. There’s an original theatrical performance of brass and wind instruments by The Philharmonic Winds, stunning choreographies from Frontier Danceland and T.H.E Dance Company, and a cultural dance showcase of Indian classical dance styles by Apsaras Arts Dance Academy.

Of the many workshops available, expect to take part in print-making, mixed media painting, mural painting and the like. For something a little more 3D, Reimagine the Dining Table gets participants feeling handsy—via molding and sculpting creative pottery and glassware. The hour-long workshop hosted by the Goodman Ceramic Studio lets you make your own cups, bowls and coasters to bring home. You’ll be getting your hands dirty, but you’ll also be getting brand new tableware for your dining table.

, What to check out when Goodman Arts Centre’s one-day-only festival goes green for the first time
Tanjong Goodman Open House 2017

If you’re on a budget, the free exhibitions and open studios are worth a visit. Stop in at Smells of Singapore, Past and Present to explore familiar smells of Singapore—curated by scent artist Prachi Sani for a sensorial, memory-triggering experience; or check out Open Studio by Bamboo Lab, which takes visitors through nature-themed artworks by ink and mixed media artist Siokhoon, inspired by the flora and fauna around Goodman Arts Centre. There’s also Reimagine on the centre’s Astroturf, an exhibition by five artists from Mural Lingo incorporating deconstruction and reconstruction techniques into the artworks.

And what’s a festival without a market these days? Browse 30 eco-friendly vendors at the Goodman Green Green Market, which will be selling anything from locally-grown produce to reusable products.

Mountbatten might seem like a journey and a half to take on, but every now and then it’s worth your while.

Goodman Open House happens May 26, 11am-5pm at Goodman Arts Centre. Admission is free and more information here.