Not that we needed more reason to indulge in beers and meats

Love good roasts and exquisite fare? Paired with ice-cold Guinness draught? You don't have to choose between the two—the upcoming The Great Grill Out by Guinness is made for BBQ and beer enthusiasts alike; preferably you're both.

For a glorious selection of beers and eats, flock to Emily Hill on Nov 24-25. Some of the hottest names in town (the likes of Sidecare Sausages, Red Eye Smokehouse and Decker Barbecure) will be manning a fire pit and serving up dishes that have been specially created just for this event—meaning they're best paired with ice-cold Guinness. Big-name chefs like Bjorn Shen from Artichoke and Woo Wai Leong from Restaurant Ibid will be there too, so you know the grub will be tops. Think smoky, charcoal-grilled bacon, sausages, steaks and prawns, all fired to perfection and perfectly paried with smooth stout.

If you wanna take things up a notch, a five-course sit-down dining menu is available too. Each course is thoughtfully paired with various brews from their brewery in Dublin, the work of beer sommelier Ian Colgan, who will offering his insights as you chow your way through the courses. 

Back outside, tune in to music by local acts and DJs while you feast. And besides having a pint of velvety smooth Guinness in hand, other beers will be on tap too, as well as a Guinness-infused coffee by Butler Koffee, so there's bound to be a drink for everyone.

The Great Grill Out takes place Nov 24-25 at Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road from noon-10pm. Register for free entry, or simply get your tickets at the door for $20 (comes with a pint of Guinness). More info here.