Lift your spirits at the Love & Light Festival that’s back for the second year

There are some issues that take a little more than just a physical checkup to identify and remedy. With spiritual well-being in mind, Love & Light Festival is back for its second run since its well-received maiden launch in 2018, brought to you by Laughing Soul. The event aims to provide guidance and support to festival-goers on their quest to a holistic self-discovery.

Building on the previous year, this year’s festival will encompass an even more comprehensive line-up of “light workers”, exhibitors and retailers who will be there to assist in your journey of fulfilling the mind, body and soul. Alongside, spiritual practitioners will be present to help rid negative emotions and energy, shed some light upon your innermost questions, and even read your aura through cards and crystals for a look into self-healing.

Several renowned “light workers” are slated to return to the festival, including spiritual guru Jasmine Miller, self-proclaimed clairvoyant light warrior and body therapist Lynn Loke, and the YIS of Light trio—made up of Tung Ya Ning, Iris Leng and Samuel Soon, who will serve as your guide to your Divine Self. Aside, a plethora of services directed at healing the mind and cleansing the emotions are available during both runs of the three-day festival (the second happening later in the year), including healing, reading, group meditation, Tarot and Oracle card reading sessions. And for those looking to bring a piece of serenity home, you can pick up some crystal and art pieces retailed at the event marketplace. Admission is free for all; just remember to leave the negative energy at the door.

Love & Light Festival happens May 10-12 at Melati Room, Level 4, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. Admission is free and more information available here.