Travelling lantern festival The Lights Water Fest is coming to Singapore next February

The time has come for us to live our Disney’s Tangled dream of watching thousands of beautifully-lit lanterns float into that good night, as travelling lantern festival The Lights Water Fest will be arriving at Sentosa Island’s Tanjong Beach this Feb 1, 2020.

An experience that gathers thousands of locals in each city around the world to enjoy good eats, listen to cool tunes and light up lanterns written with well wishes to send them out into the waters after sunset, the festival is pretty well-known and loved globally thanks to the scenic views they always offer. Within the last couple of months, they’ve popped by New York City, Mexico City and Canada.

Having engineered biodegradable lanterns with LED lights instead of fire to ensure safety and sustainability, The Lights Water Fest also has a large clean-up crew waiting in the waters at every location they head to, for the retrieval and disposal of the lanterns in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. So float your worries away, and let someone else do the dirty work for a change.

And while we may not have the Northern Lights to replicate the exact same Disney cinematic experience (nor magical atmosphere that’ll carry the lanterns up and away), this is pretty darn close and we’re very hopeful about it, as well as what’s to come. 

The Lights Water Fest will be held at Tanjong Beach (Sentosa Island) on Feb 1, 2020. Tickets are $35 each. More information will be made available here.