Live the high life with one-day retreats on a mega-yacht

It’s hard not to be envious of bikini-clad influencers who flaunt their getaways on luxury yachts, sipping champagne under clear blue skies and relaxing onboard surrounded by azure waters.

Now you can, too. Well, sort of.

If you have only one day to spare and in need of a getaway (and major bragging rights), Anaya Soul Retreat has got the cure for you. Anaya creates holistic and unique experiences centred on health and wellness—on a luxury mega-yacht.

, Live the high life with one-day retreats on a mega-yacht

Ok, it may not be Bali or Phuket, and the truth is, the yacht remains docked at all times but the sunny skies and cool ocean breeze at Singapore’s west coast will invigorate your senses, providing you with the escape you’ve been craving from everyday life.

A treat for the senses
As a bespoke retreat maker, Anaya has a selection of mini-retreats that it calls “magicks” for an ideal day-cation experience for those who don’t want to take too much time off. You can discover the healing powers of nature in the Nature Magick retreat. By using tools like candles, charms and crystals, this retreat teaches you how to channel positive energy through nature.

Meanwhile, Kitchen Magick teaches wellness from the kitchen. From growing, storing and cooking, this educational retreat will show you how prolific herbs can be. Learn about their restorative qualities, and how they also act as natural remedies. In the same vein, uncover the benefits of using natural cleaning products in the kitchen instead of synthetic ones.

You could also surprise your significant other with Candle-making Magick that’s a fun alternative to your ordinary dinner date. Get artistic by personalising your own candles using different designs and decorations. Plus, the final product makes for a meaningful gift or home decoration.

For a fun girls’ day out, try Anaya’s Goddess Retreat. Get a full glam makeover followed by your very own personal photoshoot. While you get ready, learn some professional beauty and skincare secrets from ex-Mediacorp makeup artist Cheryl Zhang. The scenic ocean backdrop from the yacht will definitely give you some Insta-worthy shots!

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