Vans spotlights local punk bands in three shows across October and November

This October and November, get ready to mosh repeatedly as Skateboarders’ choice footwear company Vans will be hosting a series of concert sessions that will feature some underground hardcore favourites for a free, three-day celebration of aggresively expressive local music at Decline.

The series kicks off strong and hard with Overthrown, four-piece all-girl group Radigals and Bind on Oct 4; while Bands such as death punk Doldrey, Recover, Hollow Threat, 90s hardcore experts LC93 and yet another killer all-female band Fuse will take the stage on Oct 18 and Nov 2.

Unsurprisingly, some of the bigger names in the industry will be present to support the festival, including grindcore rockers Wormrot who has played at the Glastonbury Festival back in 2017 and melodic indie post-hardcore quintet False Plaintiff.

Hardcore isn’t an easy genre to swallow. Its aggressive nature in terms of instrumentality, vocals and themes may be an instinctual put-off for many pop fans, but the complex vocal techniques and rapid double bass beats bring some of the most stirring, emotive messages that make the music well-worth giving a shot. And who knows, you might come out of the pit with a newfound love for the genre; there’s no better place to start than at a local deathcore fest.

Shows will happen on Oct 4, Oct 18 and Nov 2 at Decline. Find information and updates here.