These tea capsules by a local brand help you make your quality tea conveniently

Can’t survive without tea but think loose tea leaves take too much time to prep? Good news, tea lovers; A.muse Projects, a local tea and food-inspired brand has launched a line of eco-friendly, Nespresso-compatible tea capsules as a chic solution. And as the name suggests, they’re fully compatible with Nespresso coffee machines.

, These tea capsules by a local brand help you make your quality tea conveniently
A.muse Projects Tea Pods

Conveniently called Tea Pods, the capsules preserve the same natural taste and exquisite essence of fine loose tea leaves, packaged in a more convenient way to make tea. Founder Angela Phua cited the third-wave coffee capsule movement offering specialty coffee in fuss-free bite sizes as the inspiration. So the same goes for the Tea Pods; no more need to fuss with temperature control or the time it might take to steep. All you need to do is simply take off the packaging and throwing the capsule into a Nespresso machine. It takes 22 seconds to brew up to one Lungo (110ml), and a second button-press for a fuller cup. The icing on the cake: the Tea Pods are 100 percent compostable.

Currently, A.muse serves two flavors: Earl Grey, one of the most popular black tea blends and Peach Green, a refreshingly fruity green tea blend. Their third flavor, an aromatic, herbal blend called Chamomile Lavender, will be released in the coming months. There’re three different sets at $18 apiece to choose from. You can buy a box set with either 12 Earl Grey or 12 Peach Green, or an assorted box set with six of each flavor. Perfect for gifting the lazy tea enthusiasts in your life, but you’d best make sure your giftee has a Nespresso machine first. 

A.muse Projects Tea Pods are available here