Explore playgrounds, mangroves and street food at the new Pasir Ris Heritage Trail

One of the furthest East neighbourhoods has finally received its first heritage trail, and we’re excited because it’s long overdue. You’ll want to embark on the new Pasir Ris Heritage Trail if the cultural and heritage aspects of Pasir Ris interest you.

Best known for leisure spots like Wild Wild Wet and Downtown East, Pasir Ris has always had roots in being an Eastside hotspot for fun and games. Now, get to see it all mapped out in a trail that encompasses 23 sites and seven markers.

Apart from spotlighting locations such as the tranquil Sungei Api Api, former kampongs in Pasir Ris and the Pasir Ris Town Park (formerly Golden Palace Holiday Resort), the Pasir Ris Heritage Trail is meant to promote the distinct histories and memories of different areas where Singaporeans live, work and play. In fact, the trail features contributions from the community, and presents stories, memories as well as photographs of past and present Pasir Ris residents.

, Explore playgrounds, mangroves and street food at the new Pasir Ris Heritage Trail
Pasir Ris Beach (Image courtesy of NHB)

With the Pasir Ris Heritage Trail comes three thematic trails of varying distances, available for the public to discover on their on time. There’s the Coastal Heritage Trail (3.5km, 1 hour) that takes you to see sites of significance along the Pasir Ris coast and beachfront (like the Pasir Ris Park and Mangrove Forest). Meanwhile, the fun (and what we believe will be the most popular) Play @ Pasir Ris Trail (4.5km, 1 hour) takes you through sites of recreation in Pasir Ris, such as one of Singapore’s largest playgrounds and the country’s only commercial saltwater fishing pond.

But if you’re one for architecture, go on the Architectural Highlights Trail (5.6km, 1.5 hours). It’s the lengthiest trail that explores Pasir Ris’ built environment, from its maritime-themed HDB blocks to its cultural and religious institutions; highlights include Pasir Ris Town Park, Lighthouse-shaped facades, and Porthole-themed flats.

Joining the list of available trails like those in Jalan Besar, Bukit Timah and more, the Pasir Ris Heritage Trail stands out thanks to its link to the coastline and proximity to the sea. So go on and explore the East—Insta-worthy shots and history awaits in equal measure.

More info on the Pasir Ris Heritage Trail here.