S.E.A Aquarium celebrates World Ocean Day with sustainability-centric Ocean Fest

S.E.A Aquarium cements its status as the nation’s most prominent aquarium, commemorating World Ocean Day (Jun 8) with a month-long festival. From May 17-Jun 30, visit the marine wonderland for its World Ocean Day theme, the conservation of our fast-deteriorating ecosystem. The festival, entitled Ocean Fest, aims to raise awareness and incite progressive conversations about the importance of environmental conservation for the sake of all sentient creatures—on land and in water.

Sprawled across the event space at the aquarium are interactive activites, which will include installations depicting make-believe case files of various oceanic casualties and their plausible causes of deaths (spoiler alert: It’s the trash in the ocean and the homicide’s pegged on us), an interactive underwater show featuring costumed free divers in a giant tank among fishes and rays, and environmentally-conscious workshops brought to you by Terra Sg about upcycling recyclable materials.

Art comes in the form of upcycled items at Ocean Fest, where some 2000 used plastic bottles and fishing nets make up a towering installation that tells a chilling tale of the waste at sea. Also fashioned out of recycled materials are the musical instruments of the live percussion band for Celebration of Sound, a musical showcase that gives disposed objects a new lease of life.

Fancy bringing home an eco-conscious souvenir? Ocean Eco-Market stands right by the aquarium and features over 10 nature-friendly booths, operated by vendors such as local certified organic snack manufacturer Superlative Foods and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (Singapore). Take home beauty products that are rid of any ocean-harming plastics, upcycled LED lamps or a reusable metal straw, for that friend who still uses pesky, non-biodegradable, turtle-killing plastic straws.

Ocean Fest takes place from May 17-Jun 30 at S.E.A Aquarium. Tckets are priced at $30, available here. More info here.