Something tea-licious is brewing at Singapore Tea Festival 2018

Being kaypoh is probably one of our nation’s biggest pasttime, second only to food. And what better way to sit back and watch drama unfold than with a cup of tea, really. If that sounds good to you, check out Singapore Tea Festival (STF) as they make a return to Ion Orchard basement four from Sep 21-23, following its successful inaugural launch last year.

This year, the highlight of STF is teapasar, the first global omni-channel marketplace featuring local and international tea brands. To break that down, the organizers are encouraging a seamless online-offline-online shopping experience by introducing some high-tech stuff—a taste profiling mapping and metabolic fingerprinting technology, ProfilePrint. This creates a unique “fingerprint” for each tea, so customers will be better able to match their unique taste preference to each tea. The result? Purchasing teas online confidently without having to taste or smell it. 

If you still prefer to shop for your teas in person (buying it online kinda takes the fun out of it after all), head down to STF to to gain access to various workshops and tastings. There’ll be timeless classics featuring single-origin tea merchants such as Tea Chapter and Parchmen Academy, and modern blends inspired by local flavours such as Durian Tea (SUCRE) and Nyonya Kaya (The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.). International teas direct from Japan (Ito En) and Indonesia (Bali Organic Tea) will also be available. 

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Singapore Tea Festival 2018 is held from Sep 21-23, 10am-10pm at B4 Ion Orchard. More information here.