USS now opens till late on selected days, complete with a new neon parade

If you ever found the opening hours of Universal Studios Singapore too short, you’ll be glad to know that on certain weekends and public holidays, they’ve now extended them well beyond the usual 7pm closure (they still only open at 10am though) with an all-new Universal After Hours programme.

On most Fridays and Saturdays, as well as on selected public holidays (like during the entire Lunar New Year week that just passed), the entire theme park will open till 10pm, adding three more hours of potential fun into your day. That could mean two to three more turns on Battlestar Galactica or Transformers: The Ride, even with the hassle of a long queue.

While you can certainly just go for more rides, USS is throwing in a bunch more things anyway, just so you’ll be kept thoroughly entertained. The Hollywood Dreams Parade gets a lit, neon upgrade (and called the Hollywood Dreams Light-Up Parade) during Universal After Hours, with illuminated performers and floats parading the streets in full LED glory. It starts at a later 7.30pm timing too, so the hues are that much more vibrant.

, USS now opens till late on selected days, complete with a new neon parade

But there’s more. Local bands will be belting out thumping tunes at various hours, new pop-up food stalls will be hawking fare like chili crab buns and cheesy toasts, shops will be selling glow-in-the-dark paint and accessories, and, of course, the closing fireworks display will be pushed back to 10pm too, so there’s even more reason to stay till late.

With Universal After Hours, they’ve also launched a new after-5pm admission ticket, where for the same admission price of $75, they’re including a dining bundle too, so you can have dinner at one of their themed restaurants before enjoying the activities.

Universal After Hours happens most Fridays and Saturdays as well as on selected public holidays. Plan your visit here.