First-ever Science Centre Magic Festival to explore magic and science with Singapore’s top magicians

Mr Bottle
Mr Bottle

We hate to spoil the illusion, but real magic involves more than waving a wand and shouting “Expelliarmus!” (If you are not a Harry Potter fan, this is a defensive spell that will remove the wand from your opponent’s hand.) 

In the real world, there is a lot more going on behind each trick conjured up by magicians. If you are curious about the science behind the illusions, visit Science Centre Singapore’s inaugural Magic Festival happening on Jun 15 and 16. 

The event promises to be a captivating experience for attendees of all ages as it delves into the fascinating intersection of magic and science. 

, First-ever Science Centre Magic Festival to explore magic and science with Singapore’s top magicians
From left: Mystifying Imran and Nique Tan

At the heart of the event are nine Singapore magicians who will showcase their magic and the role of science. Big names such as Mr. Bottle, Mr. Egg, Jeremy Pei, Nique Tan, Francis Ang and more, are set to take center stage and present their spellbinding performances. Through a series of mind-bending illusions, audiences will gain a deeper understanding of the scientific concepts that underpin the art of magic.

Mr Egg and Tommy Kian
Mr Egg and Tommy Kian

The festival will also feature interactive workshops, thought-provoking panel discussions, and exhibits. The Magic of Math & Science workshop breaks down the science behind classic magic tricks, unraveling the illusions, and transforming the seemingly impossible, into a celebration of STEM+ learning.

Take part in the Magic Panel Discussion supported by the Singapore Association of Magicians that will discuss the magicians’ journey into magic, their inspirations, and insights into the thriving local magic scene. 

Aspiring illusionists and seasoned enthusiasts can also browse through a captivating selection of magic props, books, and resources at the Magic Dealer Booths. Get a glimpse of rare magic collections, antique props, and intriguing illusions at the mini exhibition booth.

Science Centre Singapore’s Magic Festival takes place on Jun 15 and 16. Tickets are available through Science Centre’s online ticketing platform starting from $25 for a One-Day Pass, and $40 for a Two-Day Pass. All passes to the Magic Festival include complimentary access to Science Centre Singapore and $5 Curiosity Shop voucher. Buy tickets here.