You can soon head into the Upside Down at Universal Studios’ Stranger Things maze

For fans of hit Netflix series Stranger Things, things are about to get frightfully real. You can soon scare yourself silly by getting up close and personal with the Demogorgon at Universal Studios Singapore’s (and also the Hollywood and Orlando ones) Halloween Horror Nights event happening from Sep 27-Oct 31. Yes, we know it’s still months away but tickets are already available now, in case you wanna get ’em before they’re sold out.

Full details are not yet released, but we can expect an all-new Stranger Things themed haunted house to be there for the entire event. It’s inspired by season one only, so we’re guessing (and glad) there wouldn’t be the smaller, but scarier Demo-Dogs running loose. In this maze, you’ll walk through set pieces based off eerily familiar places like the Hawkins National Laboratory, the Byers home (complete with flashing Christmas lights), the Upside Down woods, and more. Apparently, the Demogorgon will be stalking unwitting guests and jump-scare the bejesus out of you as you traverse the maze and encounter the show’s iconic scenes and characters.

If you’ve never watched or cared for the sci-fi thriller, you’ll be glad to know that not the entire USS will be turning upside down this Halloween. This eighth edition of Halloween Horror Nights will see old favorites like the Zombie Laser Tag (pew pew!) coming back, as well as the usual plethora of fear inducing scare acts inspired by Asian and Western horror movies and paranormal lore.

Various packages are available on the USS website now, including several limited time ones (that will definitely be cheaper than those you’ll get closer to the date) that come with exclusive Stranger Things merch.

Time for a binge re-watch on Netflix.