See the ‘Northern Lights’ at Gardens by the Bay

, See the ‘Northern Lights’ at Gardens by the Bay

If you were bummed to have missed out on the spectacular auroras on display recently, here’s an opportunity to see it – at Gardens by the Bay

The Northern Lights are the result of solar storms where electrically charged particles slam into Earth’s atmosphere, creating stunning ribbons of dancing pink, purple and green hues across the sky. 

Yes we are jealous. So it is slightly comforting to know that tropical Singapore has its own version of it, albeit an artificial one. 

, See the ‘Northern Lights’ at Gardens by the Bay

Borealis is a brand new, free night programme that has joined the Garden Rhapsody light and music show at Supertree Grove. Conceptualised by Switzerland-based artist Dan Acher, the artistic installation is both a work of art and a technological performance.

How does it work? The Northern Lights are recreated in the centre of Supertree Grove when beams of laser light travel through particle clouds.

Variations in wind, humidity and temperature make Borealis an ever-changing experience, where each encounter is unique due to the changes in movements, colour and density of the light beams. Accompanying the installation is a custom atmospheric soundtrack by French composer Guillaume Desbois, which contributes to the installation’s dreamy and contemplative mood.

, See the ‘Northern Lights’ at Gardens by the Bay

Borealis can be experienced every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm, and Monday at 8pm. The installation will last for 30 minutes each time. Borealis joins the night repertoire at Supertree Grove, which includes the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show where the lights on the Supertrees dance to a changing musical soundtrack.

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