What to expect at Sake Festival Singapore 2024

, What to expect at Sake Festival Singapore 2024

The 9th edition of the annual Sake Festival Singapore 2024 returns bigger and better on Jun 15 at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

Brought to you by Orihara Shoten, a purveyor of premium liquor and sakes, this year’s festival will be happening in a bigger air-conditioned space that is double the size of its previous event space. 

The festival is Singapore’s oldest and largest gathering of Nihonshu on the island for the community with the aim of education and promotion of sake.

So what’s brewing in the 2024 edition? There will be more than 300 labels from 30 sake breweries in Japan. Each sake brewery booth will be helmed by toji (brewer) or kurabito (brewery representative) who will present their sakes. 

Ryouko Junmai Ginjo by Minenohakubai Brewery
Ryouko Junmai Ginjo by Minenohakubai Brewery

Some of the breweries and sakes to look out for this year are: Minenohakubai Brewery which has been brewing sake at the foot of Mount Kakuda in the Echigo Plain for about 400 years, and uses both traditional methods and new techniques; Makino Brewery, aker of Macho and Osakazuki from Gunma Prefecture; and Nabedana Brewery, maker of Fudoh from Chiba Prefecture.

For the first time, Sake Festival Singapore will have a crew of eight certified sake sommeliers on the ground. They will be on hand to advise visitors on the different types of sakes, and suggest sake and food pairing to visitors.

, What to expect at Sake Festival Singapore 2024

On the subject of food, there will be plenty. The Japanese Izakaya “Yokocho” Food Alley will feature chefs from seven Japanese restaurants in Tanjong Pagar who have come together to jointly create a menu to promote the authentic Japanese izakaya experience. 

They are Yoshikawa Daisuke (Pulsii Wood Fire Restaurant & Bar), Keita Ogata (Teppan Works), Hiroko Ono (Access Tohoku), Koki Miyoshi (Hearth Irori & Oden Izakaya), Sho Naganuma (Torasho Ramen & Charcoal Bar), Kenichi Ikehata (Ramen Matsuri), Tetsuo Komine (WanoNiku). The group is led by chefs Sho Naganuma (Torasho Ramen & Charcoal Bar) and Koki Miyoshi (Hearth Irori & Oden Izakaya).

Enjoy udon, crab cream croquettes, deep-fried dumpling with yuzu miso, takoyaki, grilled and smoked scallops, warabi-mochi with molasses, and more.

Sake Festival Singapore 2024 takes place on Jun 15, 2pm to 7pm, at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, Level 4, Hall 404. Each ticket is priced at $60 and is available at Sistic, or at Orihara Shoten (Robertson Walk, 11 Unity Street, #01-02, Singapore 237995).