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TWorks’ Festival of Women returns this July with a digital edition that spotlights female narratives
Check out digital exhibits, performances and even workshops at N.O.W 2020
Conduct your company team bonding sessions virtually using this free software
Be physically distant but digitally close
Safety tips to abide by as we adjust to the new normal
It's up to each one of us to prevent community spread
Spruce up your home workspace with these 5 unique accessories and furniture
Look beyond basic office essentials
Amo pasta kit
Whip up delicious dishes at home with these handy DIY meal kits from local restaurants
Fresh pasta, Korean favourites and hearty burgers await
This new online store sells everything you need to open your own home bar
Or just get their cocktail kits for something you can easily put together
Photo by leonie wise on Unsplash
Stock up on premium produce and superfoods with these 7 online gourmet grocers
Have all your nutritious necessities delivered directly to your doorstep
Binging with Babish's Chicago-style pizza
Recreate these all-American recipes at home for an iconic, comfort food feast
Take a trip around The States via the kitchen
Go on a live, guided tour with locals in Berlin, Pompeii and Amsterdam at this virtual event
Thanks to a YouTrip collab with travel marketplace Withlocals
L-R: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
The 6 best classic books to pick up for good reads that will never disappoint
Finally understand the meanings behind famed literary references
Photo by Bára Buri on Unsplash
Spice up your outfits with these comfortable yet stylish reusable face masks
From ones depicting chubby cherubs to others made with chantilly lace
L-R: Junior, Colony, Hopscotch
Where to get bar-quality cocktails delivered to your doorstep
Straight to your home and ready-to-drink
Karagatan (The Breadth of Oceans) by Gregory Halili
Enjoy short films, virtual exhibitions and even wellness sessions as SAM heads online
Here’s what to check out if you’ve missed the iconic art museum
Asian Comedian Destroys America!
The 5 most hilarious stand-up comedies to watch on Netflix for a good laugh
Including a special by Malaysia-born, Singapore-raised homeboy Ronny Chieng
Simple Plan
Chat with Simple Plan as they perform with local musicians in this livestream series
A virtual gig where you can actually chat with the performers
This new website and app helps locate bars near you
It'll even let you know if they offer takeaway or delivery
The 6 best dim sum deliveries for a traditional yum cha feast at home
Har gao, siew mai and char siew bao—need we say more?
Photo by Miguel Maldonado on Unsplash
Take your instant noodle game up a notch with these tasty ramen recipes
Easy, delicious hacks to take it to the next level
Klook Home
Grill satay, create your own scent, go on virtual tours and more with Klook
Or even join an online wizarding course at Hogwarts
Credit: Adam Liaw
Follow these recipes to learn how to prep a proper Singaporean-style meal at home
Stay true to your roots with homemade local fare
Photo by mr lee on Unsplash
Enhance your at-home workouts with these 5 versatile yet affordable gym equipments
Inexpensive finds that’ll have you working up a sweat
5 free digital games for great fun with your friends and family
For virtual bonding moments with the people you care about
Photo by FOODISM360 on Unsplash
5 healthy milk recipes to try at home for delicious, dairy-free goodness
Plant-based beverages that are far better than store-bought ones
Shilin Singapore 2019
Pop-up stores, live streams, game shows and more coming to Digital Shilin Singapore
The closest thing we can get to an actual night market right now