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Shopping is undoubtedly a national obsession and, with our fast-growing retail scene, it’s no wonder that Southeast Asian flagship stores are popping up all over the island. But if you look past the shiny, high-end shop-fronts, you’ll see that it’s not just world-renowned labels that make shopping here so much fun. We’re talking about the obscure labels found at independent multi-label boutiques and the variety of quality locally designed goods that we think make spending so worthwhile.

So, to help you sort the so-so from the so amazing, we’ve dedicated this guide — a selection of over a hundred of the best shopping venues in the city — to stores that pride themselves on stocking the designs of home-grown talent, emerging names and hard-to-find brands, as well as our favorite world-renowned labels. In the spirit of diversity, we’ve also included sections on the best places to pick up books, designer furniture, vintage wares, the latest gadgets, sports gear and travel essentials.

So whatever type of shopper you may be, this guide will point you to places guaranteed to give you more bang for your buck.


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, Topshops   , Topshops