Thrillseeking Around the Region

Bungee Jumping
Enjoy the stunning sunset as you throw yourself off one of Bali’s hottest nightclubs on Kuta Beach. AJ Hackett Bali Double Six Nightclub, Bali, Indonesia., +623 6173-1114;

Tandem Skydiving
Hotfoot it over to the magnificent (or not) town of Segamat, Johor to experience jumping off a plane (in tandem with an instructor) for an almighty adrenaline rush. Log on to for more information.

BASE Jumping
This illegal activity gets on the right side of the law once a year. This year, try hurling yourself off from one of Malaysia’s tallest buildings at the KL Tower International Jump Malaysia 2010 (Sep 29-Oct 10). KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia., +603 2020-5444,,

Cast your nerves aside and try some of these thrilling activities in Singapore.