Interview: Ho Zhi Li

How did you come up with the idea for the app?
Connected to 230 destinations around the world, Changi Airport is well-poised for travel within the region. So we wanted to create weekend getaway guide that was accessible continuously, anytime and anywhere, providing not just inspiration, but an effective one-stop shop to their next weekend trip. With the high penetration of smartphones in Singapore, an app was the most effective mode in reaching to our target audience. The idea was developed early last year and the entire process took about eight months. 

How did you choose the cities to feature?
Besides the usual weekend favorites Bangkok and Bali, we wanted to highlight lesser-known regional destinations which are less trodden such as Miri, Yogyakarta, Vientienne and Changsha. We have plans to update the app later this year to include even more exciting destinations like Mandalay and Paro in Bhutan.

Do you plan to add new functions to the app?
Yes, we are planning to add new functions, such as allowing users to share a particular destination, an itinerary planner, and maybe a function that allows searching by interest. We are also looking at creating an iPad version of the app.

Why did you choose to focus on nearby destinations?
There are many hidden gems in the region and budget carriers have made travel very affordable and accessible.  After a week of work stress, there is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than jetting off to a destination doesn’t take too long to reach yet is unlike Singapore.

Download the Weekend Escapades app for iPhone at iTunes and Android at Google Play.