Interview: Hot Wheels

What are you guys up to these days? We spend a lot of time scouring the Internet for all things MINI—the latest news, customization tips and modification ideas—content that keeps our members engaged both on our Facebook page ( and the website. We also get everyone together for what we call the MINI Mob Meetups (MMU), which can be anything from convoys to doggie day outs. It doesn’t always have to be car-related; it’s also about lifestyle.What was your last event like? We were surprised by the turnout of our last MMU! We’d hosted a convoy that saw over 50 MINIs paying tribute to the car’s British roots in light of the Olympics season, and broke the record for the largest local convoy. We drove around with flags and custom decals, receiving quite a lot of attention along Orchard Road. It was awesome!What’s happening next? We’re in the midst of planning The MINI Mob’s first anniversary in December—we’re pretty excited about that.Why MINI? We could go on for ages about why we love MINI. In a nutshell, there’s just something intangible about MINI—it’s such a personal car and you can customize almost every detail of it to suit your personality. This is why no two MINIs look the same. MINI also has a very strong heritage, starting from the classic Austin Coopers to the modern BM W MINI. We don’t have a particular favorite—we love them all—but we’re proud owners of a MINI Cooper S.What do you consider most important when buying a car? The car you choose has to be a statement of expression, or an extension of your personality and lifestyle.What kind of music do you listen to when you drive? We love hip hop, rap and R&B. These kinds of music really get us groovin’ while we’re movin’.Complete the sentence, “Driving is like…” Life. Life is not about the destination but the journey, and being on that journey in a MINI sure makes life more interesting!