Travel Insider: DJ Hong

What inspires you to travel?Experiencing foreign cultures, food and musicWhat are some of your favorite destinations?Ibiza, Bangkok, TokyoWhat are your travel essentials?Music, RCA cable, melatoninFavorite travel tips?Don’t forget the toothbrushWhat do you miss about Singapore while you are away?Makan, basketball and ZoukWhat aspect of traveling do you find the most difficult to do?Filling up immigration formsHow do you maintain health and fitness when you are away?Walk to every destination possibleWhat can’t you leave home without?My lucky seedsWhat is your most treasured possession you have picked up while traveling?Some rare recordsWhat has been your most memorable holiday?My first trip to Ibiza a very long time agoWhat is the best restaurant, café, bar that you have visited while traveling?Cafe Mambo in IbizaWhat are the top holiday destinations that you are yet to visit?BerlinWho is your favorite traveling companion?Mrs. HongWhat is your ideal holiday?Great food, parties, clubs, people, weather and experiences.