Travel Insider: Jasmine Tuan

What inspires you to travel?The need to break the routine, to reinvent myself, to see what’s going on beyond our comfort zone and tiny little dot.What aspect of traveling do you find the most difficult to do?Spending time to source for the cheapest ticket to the place you want to be at the specific timing you want. It’s not difficult, it’s just annoying.How do you maintain health and fitness when you are away?There’s no way you can avoid illness when it strikes. Be sure to drink more water and bring lip balm. That’s what I’ll do.What is your most treasured possession you have picked up while traveling?A silver ring with a huge black stone created by a local designer from Paris.Describe your most memorable holiday.Most recent one at Villa Mary Bali. Besides sharing good times with friends at the most beautiful villa, I got to go skinny dipping when I spent my last 4 hours alone. It’s heavenly.Which restaurant or bar in which foreign city would you go back to again and again, and why?Trump room in Toyko. Amazing interior, amusing crowd, out of the world sound. I want to go there to be intrigued all over again.What are the top holiday destinations that you are yet to visit?Antarctica, Greece, IndiaWho is your favorite traveling companion?My lover or anyone with an open mind.What is your ideal holiday?One that is unplanned. Spontaneous.What is the one item that you never travel without (and we don’t mean your passport or iPhone)?My shades.What is your best tip about packing?It’s advice passed down from my friend’s sister: take away half of what you’ve packed.What is your best tip about choosing a hotel?Location. It should be convenient. You don’t want to waste time getting lost.What is your best tip about getting to know a new place?Print a map. Get lost. And then find your way out with the map.What is your best tip about navigating trains, planes and automobiles?Check with a local who speaks English.Which place have you visited and never wanted to leave (and why)?Bali. it’s a place of healing.