Anantara Vacation Club: Planning ahead

The folks at Anantara Vacation Club have big plans. They’re expanding rapidly. From having three properties in 2011, they are planning to have nine by 2016, and are gunning for a grand total of 12 vacation clubs.

At the press conference launching their new Singapore office yesterday, they showed us elaborate videos and diagrams on the company’s growth projections. It was kind of like watching the National Day Rally speech, with the PM (or in this case, CEO Harold Derrah) giving all sorts of detailed plans and explanations. They get an A+ for preparedness.

Impressive—and probably also essential—considering that they’re selling “timeshare” rentals, which has become almost a dirty word for vacationers (what with all the fly by night operators who made the news with their scams).

We left with a definite trust in the folks behind the vacation club. They are certainly no swindlers. Though, the timeshare model might not be for all folks. If you’re a swinging single, it doesn’t make economic sense to pay for the whole deal. But if you’re settled with kids, it’s a real solid proposition.