Marimekko x Finnair: Finn City

Finnair’s about to roll out Marimekko-designed textiles and tableware on its flights, we learned at a press conference today. (It was as twee as you’d imagine a Marimekko event to be—we had tea, beet and mackerel on rye, cucumber sandwiches and scones at Bacchanalia).

In addition to two airplanes decked out in Unikko (“poppy”) and Metsänväki (“forest dwellers”) prints, all their flights will come with premium porcelain tableware, cloth napkins and bedding for business class travelers by August. For those flying coach, classic printed paper napkins, pillows, headrest covers and blankets will make the trip a little more comfy. Plus, watch out for easily the cutest item in the collection—a teapot with what looks to be a bamboo handle—which is only available on flights to and from Asia

It’s not jet-set luxury in the traditional sense, but we think the bright, childlike patterns and quality materials will definitely keep the pain of flying to a minimum. Also noteworthy is that these products are specially designed to reduce the total weight of each flight in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. Our only concern is that this will just make those little cups simply irresistible to those who have a hard time keeping their klepto instincts in check. (Don’t do it! You can still go crazy purchasing them in-flight!)