30 Things We Love about Jakarta

1. The many little food stalls and pushcarts dotting the city, offering some of the best street food around.
2. Awesome malls featuring some of the best known international brands and fashion labels.
3. Striking historical monuments like Monas and the Dirgantara Monument (or Pancoran), which has been dubbed the 7-Up Man because of its pedestal.
4. Eclectic nightlife venues like the Black Cat Jazz Supper Club (Plaza Senayan Arcadia, Jalan New Delhi No. 9, Pintu 1, Senayan, 5790-1264).
5. Shopping for quirky knick knacks and antiques on Jalan Surabaya.
6. The friendly service and warm smiles found at establishments across the city.
7. Having a relaxing Javanese massage at the KempinskiSPA (Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, Jl. MH Thamrin No.1, 2358-3882).
8. Enjoying yummy cupcakes at Macaroon Tea Room at Plaza Indonesia.
9. The multitude of eye-catching advertisement hoardings and billboards whose colors break the often gray hues of the city.
10. Spending a quiet Sunday checking out the historical sights of Jakarta Old Town (Kota Tua).
11. Getting up close with history at the Fatahillah Museum.
12. Tucking into juicy tiger prawns at one of the seafood restaurants at the historic port of Sunda Kelapa, which is a hidden gem away from the city’s bright lights.
13. Taman Prasasti—a beautiful cemetery loaded with history, an oasis away from the madding crowds.
14. Gedung Arsip Nasional (Jl. Gajah Mada No. 111, Taman Sari, 634-7744) or the national archive building —a picturesque spot popular with wedded couples.
15. Hanging with primates in Schmutzer.
16. Art, history and gastronomy combining for an unforgettable experience at Lara Djonggrang.
17. The colorful Bajaj scooters.
18. Beating the traffic jams by taking a helicopter ride (www.air-pacific.com/utama/), if you can cough up 20 million rupiah that is.
19. Getting a taste of Jakarta’s many traditional foods like kerak telor, a tasty omelet with chili, ginger and prawns to name a few ingredients.
20. Commuting around with Trans Jakarta – the city’s most convenient form of public transport.
21. The awe-inspiring neo-gothic marvel that is the Jakarta Cathedral, which is now almost 110 years’ old.
22. Admiring the quaint art deco charms of Jakarta’s Kota train station.
23. Enjoying the dazzling fountain show at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town.
24. Jakarta at night. It’s when the breathtaking city looks its best.
25. The fanatical atmosphere at the Gelora Bung Karno where Persija Jakarta, the city’s most famous football team plays.
26. Admiring the artworks of Indonesia’s best and most creative artists at the city’s many art galleries.
27. Watching a wayang kulit (shadow puppetry) performance at the Central Museum every second and last Saturday night of the month.
28. The annual Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (www.javajazzfestival.com) which features some of the world’s best musicians.
29. Hanging out at GedungDUA8, a creative space in Kemang where you’ll find budding artists and musicians practicing their craft.
30. Taman Menteng—a leafy oasis in Central Jakarta where you can find a statue of President Barack Obama, Jakarta’s most famous former resident.