Singapore’s Southern Islands

Kusu Island
If you’re into culture and marine life this is the place for you; you can check out its old Muslim shrines, the famous Da Ba Gong Temple and the tortoise sanctuary. Its blue lagoons are also worth a swim in. Overnight stays are sadly prohibited.
Getting there: There’s a daily ferry service from Marina South Pier (take bus no. 402 from Marina Bay MRT station) operated by Singapore Island Cruises (#01-04 Marina South Pier, 6534-9339). USD$11 (adult), USD$9 (child).
Sisters Islands
A great place to picnic and snorkel. The warm, blue waters are also great for a lazy afternoon dip. A permit is required if you want to camp overnight; fax your details to the nice folk at Executive (Southern Islands Management), Sentosa at 6275-0161, or email them at [email protected]. Beware the monkeys, though.
Getting there: No ferry services are available. Get there by chartering a boat from the Marina South Pier; prices are negotiable.
St. John’s Island
Once a quarantine colony for leprosy cases and a penal settlement for political prisoners and ringleaders of secret societies, St. John’s is today a holiday haven with lagoons, walking trails full of diverse flora and fauna and holiday bungalows, where you can enjoy a stay (call 1800-736-8672 to book).
Getting there: The ferry service is the same as for Kusu­—head to Marina South Pier and go from there. Log on to for more info.