Vang Vieng in 24 Hours

Morning Breeze
No matter where you stay, wake up early to breathe in the morning mist of Vang Vieng at its coolest when the limestone mountains barely peek through the clouds.

Jang Cave (Thum Jang)
Jang means “numb” in Lao and that explains your feeling after climbing up the 150 steps to the cavernous chambers decorated with colorful lights. Relief comes in the form of dipping your feet into the cool spring, which is believed to help smooth your skin. Admission is 10,000 kip (S$1.55) per person, with an additional 8,000 kip (S$1.24) bridge crossing fee.

Poo Kham Cave (Thum Puu Kham)
Poo kham means “gold crabs”, the creatures found living here in the past. Hike up the hill (no stairs, sorry) to the cave where a gold gilded reclining Buddha image lies at its center. Again, the real highlight is the light blue lagoon out front. Feel free to swim, or ride the rope swing, in the beautiful limestone-filtered waters.

Pick any restaurant in the town center. They mostly serve the same food at the same prices. After lunch, do grab some pastries and coffee from Luang Prabang Bakery (Kangmuong St., Vang Vieng, +85 6235-1145), which is probably the chicest place
in town. They also have
free Wi-Fi.

Tubing Time
Tubing means floating in your own rubber tube along the Nam Song River for 55,000 kip (S$8.52), which should take around two hours. You can also choose to kayak (S$14.40/person), which is a lot faster. Both start near the Organic Farm located 3km north of Vang Vieng town. Tubing and kayaking are operated by a cooperative here, so prices and services are the same from all agents in town.

Though The Island is no more, visitors here still need a little party action. The most happening place now is The Moon Pub, which sits on Highway 13 next to the old airport. The place is what you’d expect from a dance club in a remote town, but the DJs play a surprisingly good mix of tunes. So grab a bottle of Beerlao and let yourself go.

Things end early here. It’s time for bed ready to get up early the next morning.