Set in one of the most gorgeous cities in China, the Amandayan sits on a hillside above the Old Town and serves up views of snow-capped mountains in the distance.

You’ll find 35 suites, dressed up in materials and fabrics from around the region. The clean wooden interiors are modern yet come with oriental touches, like a traditional Chinese wooden window screen or a divider with intricate wood carvings. For those big on history, the resort also houses the Wenchang Palace that dates back to 1725 and used to serve as an examination hall for scholars taking the famous entrance examinations to enter the Chinese civil service.

For food, you can pick from Man Yi Xuan that plates up Yunnan and Cantonese cuisines or The Lounge that opens all-day and serves Western and Asian cuisine. There’s also the Tea House that lets you sip on traditional tea and snacks while overlooking the Lijiang Old Town. The resort also comes with a spa, library, gym and a cinema with 30 rooms.