25 incredible waterfalls around Thailand you have to visit

Thailand is a major go-to destination for Singaporeans who are looking for a respite from the dreary nine-to-fives. Here are some places for you to switch up your usual vacay with an incredible (and in future, mandatory) waterfall visit.

1. Thi Lor Su Waterfall, Tak

Located in Tak province, the largest and highest waterfall in Thailand is surrounded by green jungle and joins with a river perfect for rafting. The falls are hidden deep in the jungle of Umphang district in Tak province, and take a five-hour drive to reach. 


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2. Erawan Waterfall, Kanchanaburi

This most-well-known of Thailand’s waterfalls drops down seven different tiers. It takes visitors around three hours to traverse to the top, with the benefit of stunning view points and vivid-blue, cool-water bathing pools along the route. 



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3. Khlong Lan Waterfall, Kamphaeng Phet

Ten kilometers from Klong Lan Market, Kamphaeng Phet, the waterfall drops down a 95-meter-high cliff. It takes around 45 minutes to reach from Muang district.


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4. Koh Luang Waterfall, Lamphun

Hidden inside Mae Ping National Park, this limestone waterfall has seven tiers and is easy to reach by car from the park headquarters. From Chiang Mai it’s a three-and-a-half-hour drive.

5. Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall, Kanchanaburi

Close to Erawan waterfall you’ll also find the beautiful Huai Mae Khamin waterfall, which has its own seven tiers. The best way to reach it is by boat across Srinagarind Reservoir. Not only is it a beautiful journey, but at one hour it’s also quicker than taking a car. 


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6. Pha Dok Siew Waterfall, Chiang Mai

Just 26 kilometers from the highest point in Thailand, Doi Inthanon, you’ll find the waterfalls of Pha Dok Siew and Rak Jung, close to the homes of Karen tribes. Don’t miss the stunning tier 4. 


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7. Saeng Chan Waterfall, Ubon Ratchathani

The rarely-seen Saeng Chan waterfall and Long Ru waterfalls in the Isaan region are a special site thanks to the small hole from which the water drops and, at night, the reflexion of the moonlight in the pool below. Saeng Chan takes three hours to reach from Muang district.

8. Pha Charoen Waterfall, Tak

This waterfall in Tak has an incredible 97 tiers. It’s located on the side of the highway heading to Mae Sot district. 


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9. Haew Narok, Nakhon Nayok

Inside Khao Yai National Park, this dramatically high waterfall has three tiers, but the second and third are imposible to reach, stretching up to a total height of 150 meters. 


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10. Haew Suwat Waterfall, Nakhon Ratchasima

This beautiful limestone waterfall in Khao Yai National Park is the same one which appeared in The Beach. Visitors are still permitted to swim in the pool beneath and, best of all, it’s just two hours from Bangkok.

11. Mae Surin Waterfall, Mae Hong Son

The single-tier Mae Surin waterfall is located at the peak of a mountain in Mae Hong Son province. The best time to visit is in winter, because the summertime waterlevel can be too high to access.


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12. Tat Ton Waterfall, Chaiyaphum

An incredible 50 meters wide—and even wider during rainy season—this dramatic waterfall takes about 40-50 minutes to reach from the center of Chaiyaphum.


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13. Phu Sang Waterfall, Phayao

The only warm-water limestone waterfall in Thailand can be found in Phu Sang National Park, 124 kilometers from Chiang Rai. 

14. Krung Ching Waterfall, Nakhon Si Thammarat

Trekkers can’t miss Krung Ching waterfall at Nakhon Si Thammarat. It’s hidden in the Khao Luang National Park, a 62-kilometer far from the city center. The waterfall is only reahced by eight-kilometer trekking.


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15. Khao Soi Dao Waterfall, Chanthaburi

Only four kilometers away from the Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, this waterfall is famed for the number of butterflies in the area. Around the falls, visitors can trek through dense-forest walking trails.


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16. Khun Pong Waterfall, Loei

The biggest waterfall in Phu Kradueng National Park is accessible only in the dry season. Visit during the cooler months and you can also witness the beauty of the red maple trees’ leaves.


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17. Sridit Waterfall, Phetchabun

This large, single-tiered waterfall flows all year long and is considered the most beautiful waterfall in Khao Kho, the historic area where the Communist Party of Thailand used to base itself.

18. Mae Ya Waterfall, Chiang Mai

One of the most stunning waterfalls in Thailand, Mae Ya waterfall in Chom Thong district is 100 meter wide and appears like a full curtain of falling water. It has 30 tiers spread across 230 meters.    


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19. Pi Tu Gro Waterfall, Tak

The highest waterfall in Thailand has only just started to be recognized by tourists. Viewed from a distance, the water appears to flow in a heart shape.


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20. Huay Luang Waterfall, Ubon Ratchathani

Located in Phu Jong Na Yoi National Park, Huay Luang Waterfall (aka Bak Tew in the local dialact) is a 45-meter-tall waterfall that comes complete with a sandy beach underneath. 


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21. Kaeng Sopha Waterfall, Phitsanulok

Dubbed the Niagara Falls of Thailand, this huge, two-tiered waterfall in Phitsanulok flows over steep cliffs amid scenery that changes throughout the season. During the dry season, the rocky surroundings are perfect for hiking and exploring.


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22. Man Daeng Waterfall, Phitsanulok

This beautiful waterfall is just 22 kilometers from Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park’s entrance, this waterfall is only 22 kilometers away from park headquarters, having up to 32 levels in total and its headwaters arises from Phu Man Khao peak.


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23. Ai Khiao Waterfall, Nakhon Si Thammarat

Ai Khiao waterfall flows over 100 tiers, but tourists can reach only nine of them.   


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24. Soi Sawan Waterfall, Ubon Ratchathani

One of the largest waterfalls in Ubon Ratchathani features a large gorge which water runs through. Located in Pha Tam National Park, about one-and-a-half hours from Ubon Ratchathani town.



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25. Phliu Waterfall, Chanthaburi

Not only does Chanthaburi have beautiful beaches, it’s also home to Phliu waterfall. Beware if you don’t like fish: the waters here are swarming with numbers predicted around 10,000 of them.


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