BBT lovers, assemble

The bubble tea trend may have originated from Taiwan, but Japan is taking the obsession to a whole new level. It has taken a while for the craze to hit, but it’s definitely there now, and together with it is a bubble tea-themed pop-up festival in Tokyo named Tapioca Land.

The promised land of tapioca balls is conveniently situated two minutes away from Harajuku station and requires a ticket to enter. Just a tip—it'll cost a little less to pre-book online than to purchase a pass at the door. Upon entry, pick up your free welcome drink (choose from Yuzu, Mango/Lemon Hibiscus Rosehip or Yuzu Hibiscus Rosehip) before beginning your chewy journey.

Unsurprisingly, pastel-coloured backdrops fill every nook of the themed space for plenty of photo-ops, like the giant cup of boba made of balloons, an adorable swing set, shopping trolleys to hold your pearls and even a ball pit where you can swim among the large, shiny bobas.

The main stars of the event are of course, the line-up of bubble tea stores that are currently all the buzz in Tokyo, featuring Lab Lap by Cha-Nom Tokyo’s fruity concoctions, bell-shaped, cold brew-esque bottles of Tiger Tea (not to be confused with the Taiwanese behemoth tea shop Tiger Sugar) to nurse on, brown sugar-streaked cups by Xie Xie Pearl and San Chaya’s beverages that are accompanied by generous amounts of tapioca pearls. Each drink costs about 500JPY (6.60SGD).

Don’t forget to grab some boba-themed merch on the way out; button pins, acrylic keychains, chic water bottles and even a metal straw set make for functional souvenirs and gifts for friends.

The pop-up will also be hosting Tapioca Land Nights, a 20-and-above-only boozy bubble tea party, held on the evenings of every Friday until the end of the festival. Expect Peach, Mango and Milk Tea-based cocktails for just 700JPY (9.20SGD) to make your Friday nights more interesting.

Tokyo Tapioca Land runs from now until Sep 16 at 6 chome, 35 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo-to 150-0001, Japan. Tickets start from 1000JPY (14SGD) and can be purchased online. More info here.