This new cruise ship will have a theme park and world’s longest roller coaster at sea

They gave us massive water slides, ziplines and Zouk-branded clubs onboard a cruise ship. And soon, they will also bring us (wait for it) the world’s first theme park to be built on a cruise vessel.

Setting sail in early 2021 is Dream Cruises’ new Global Dream class ship, that comes decked with a crazy amount of attractions onboard, including the world’s first theme park concept on a seafaring ship.

, This new cruise ship will have a theme park and world’s longest roller coaster at sea

And the most anticipated ride at this theme park? The Space Cruiser, the world’s longest roller coaster at sea, that features over 1G acceleration on the 300m track that circles around the deck. You can even control the speed of the two-seater carts (up to 60km/h) as you ride high atop the ship while it sails, giving you the sensation that you’re flying across the ocean.

Other rides at this theme park include the spinning Cosmic Chaos, a mini karts race track, trampoline park, bungee trampoline, surf board simulator, bouncy castle, and more yet to be announced. Other unique entertainment options include a VR arcade and a full-fledged cineplex, in addition to things like a Zouk Beach Club, performance theatre, spas and many, many dining venues.

Also expect high-tech amenities like bluetooth locks and smartphone-controlled rooms across its 2500 cabins. For luxury seekers, stay at The Palace instead, a self-contained area with 151 suites, its own restaurants, pools, spa, lounges and more.

When it sets sail in 2021, the Global Dream will likely port at destinations like Australia, New Zealand, the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean.

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