Definitely not for teetotalers. 

Changi Airport will soon be a wonderland for smokers and alcoholics and moderate aficionados—DFS Group and Changi Airport Group have just unveiled plans to revamp the airport's liquor and tobacco duty-free concessions across all four terminals, and offer the world's largest curated selection found in an airport. 

The new concept will purportedly house Asia's largest airport assortment of single malt scotch, as well as a diverse selection of wine from all around the world. Besides the usual retail offerings, there are also plans to set up a Raffles Long Bar offshoot at Terminal 3, where passengers can get their Singapore Sling fix. And there'll also be regular Mix-it-Bar events helmed by Raffles Barmen, and special wine events featuring notable winemakers and brand ambassadors. Plus, to ensure that the wines sold in the boutique are nothing but top-notch, DFS will be offering the Cellar Masters Guarantee (where it'll oversee the direct shipment from château cellars to its stores). 

The new retail spaces should be up and running by 2016, though we're sure that most of you will be rubbing your hands with glee already. Just prepare to max out your credit cards (don't say we didn't warn you). Do note, though, that you cannot buy cigarettes if you're an inbound traveler, and you're also limited to 1 liter each of spirits, wines and beers (these party-pooping policies aren't about to change, unfortunately).