A floating bedroom on the Mekong

Want to escape the city (and technology) and spend your afternoons staring out at the calm river as fishermen go about their day? You’ll be happy to hear about Cambodia’s newest hotel, the Mekong Floating Bungalows. This sexy one-bedroom floating bungalow sits on the Mekong River itself and consists only of two wooden bungalows: the bedroom and the restaurant/bar.

Located within the Arexat Village, this place is as stripped bare (and private) as it gets. For starters, it’s accessible only via a 30-minute boat ride and you’ll have to check-in at their sister hotel, The TeaHouse (that’s smack in the heart of Phnom Penh), before you get whisked off into the sunset.

As back to basics as this place is, you still have some modern day comforts like a plush double bed, hot shower, air-conditioning and best of all, a terrace with deck chairs overlooking Phnom Penh. For food, the restaurant serves up traditional Khmer cuisine and doubles up as a bar from 5:30 to 8pm daily. Forget TV and Wi-Fi, you’re there to disconnect.

The special opening starts from US$110 ($146) a night and going up to US$165 ($225) for full board and includes two boat rides and a tuk tuk pick up from the city. To book, head here and for more info, go here