Grab just announced a new and cheap way to hitch a ride to Johor Bahru

Goodbye annoying bus rides and crowded, limited trains; hello cheap massages, groceries and endless lok lok. Good ol’ Grab has just announced it’ll be facilitating Johor-Singapore carpooling under its app GrabHitch starting Jun 20.

In case you didn’t know, GrabHitch is Grab’s carpooling offshoot that allows people to share a ride and split the cost with others who are going the same way. So if you’ve got a car and are driving a fair distance, you can save on fuel by giving a ride to a couple friendly (hopefully) strangers. Prices for the Singapore-JB routes are starting at roughly $12, depending on your start and end points of course, but still way cheaper than booking a kindly uncle with a car.

Following the announcement, the app is no doubt flooding with car owners declaring routes from Singapore to JB for you to sign up to, or–if you’re the one with the car–for you to enlist carpoolers for.) During a promotional period until Jul 4, the app is also offering a RM10 ($3.31) bonus for every ride completed.
For more information on existing Grab services and updates, click on their website.