Jetsetters, you need this app

New mobile app Spottly is a travel wishlist on speed. It lets you keep track and save all of the places you want to visit, but also gives you suggestions on cool hangouts, hot restos and bars or hidden gems based on listings created by fellow users. It’s also super easy to create a listing—as easy as posting to Instagram. And, there’s also a video function to share all those amazing moments.

Spottly is a Hong Kong start-up that was launched in late 2013 and it has been named “Best New App” by iTunes and have been mentioned on publications like Conde Nast Traveler UK and Los Angeles Times Travel. And it looks like there’s no stopping them; we hear talk of a Spottly Insider Magazine.  

Unfortunately, this app is currently only available on the iPhone and you can download it here. Android users, we’re keeping our fingers crossed.