Koryo Tours offers Turkmenistan trips

From the same wacky, lovable bunch that takes you on tours of the Dear Leader’s (literal) stomping ground is this travel package to … drum roll, please …Turkmenistan. Koryo Tours is best known for organizing much sought after look-sees to North Korea, but with the Korean Peninsula frigidly cold with tension, we thought we’d shoo you off to another despotic land. Koryo Tours have been running trips to the Central Asian nation for the last six years and no one has yet been mugged on their watch. Take your pick from two itineraries next year—the first is Darvaza Gas Crater tour from May 21-28, where you’ll get to see a flaming gas crater, swim in an underground lake, tour the capital Ashgabat and visit the port city of Turkmenbashi. The other is an Independence Day tour from Oct 22-29 that’ll take you on a fascinating tour of the country’s historical sites and cities, including the northern city of Dashoguz and, of course, the flaming Darvaza Gas Crater (YouTube it). Tour packages start at €1,200 ($2,100) from www.koryogroup.com.