Make this undiscovered island gem your next retreat before everyone else does

Made up of six islands, three lagoons, and 13 beaches, which is just 160 nautical miles northeast of Singapore, you could say that Bawah is a yet-to-be-discovered destination that will soon be on the lips of travelers constantly searching for unforgettable experiences.

Stunning location aside, Bawah boasts an all-inclusive luxury experience for its guests. It is the only retreat in Asia to include all personalized dining experiences, spa treatments, outdoor activities, and transport via its new amphibious seaplane.

Even more impressive is that if you are coming from your hotel or residence in Singapore, or even Changi Airport, Bawah will pick you up with a chauffeur-driven car, while a travel coordinator will escort you by ferry to Batam International Airport. Finally, guests will board the private seaplane for an 80 minute journey to the final destination.

Upon reaching, beautifully designed overwater bungalows and suites by Singaporean architect Sim Boon Yang will greet you, which are surrounded by either clear turquoise waters or lush greenery, resulting in a familiarity that calls to mind Maldivian or Balinese properties. To fully experience Bawah’s magnificence, all you really have to do is show up. For reservations and more information, visit or email [email protected].

This story first appeared on Portfolio as Paradise Next Door.